All About Us!

After several years of operating different web based businesses we noticed a trend in the growth of the web. We saw what was once touted as a global communication network quickly becoming so large that it was beginning to alienate the very people that it was supposed to bring together. We saw examples of this in the original Internet communities, the search engine portals and many, many message forums.

A move to a new city made us quickly realized that the virtual world is really just a reflection of the real world. When one leaves their home base of friends and loved ones, cultivating new correspondence can be very time consuming and arduous at best. Our lifestyles didn't lend itself to striking up friendships via the bar scene nor did our home-based business help in meeting new friends at work. We turned to the web but our dilemma was further compounded by the fact that all of the relation type sites we found were dating focused only. (We were happily married for 25 years and seeking others to share ideas, an occasional game of golf, a dinner party or simply a pen pal.)

It was then that we decided that by combining the above concerns and trends and our knowledge of promotion and design we could help others in their search for finding that special someone. We wanted to not only offer a service where folks could meet for dating and romance (the ultimate friendship!) but also the opportunity to meet others for non-romantic notions like finding a travel buddy, a sports buddy, someone just to chat with, a pen pal, a key pal or a good neighbor.

It is hoped that we can create a community as diverse as the members within it and ultimately, all become friends. We hope that some of these friendships can culminate in love and marriage and we hope that some friendships become lifelong bonds. Simply put, we hope that you can find the type of friend you are looking for.

If this sounds like something you would like to be part of click here to join us now!

Joe and Marg